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5 minutes to learn the story of charging bull statue

As we know, Wall Street is known as the financial center of the United States. Since the stock market crashed in 1987, Italian-American artist Arturo Di Modica has wanted to do something for New York. He wants to give New York strength, optimism, and prosperity. He completed wallstreet bull with $360,000 out of his own pocket, and on December 15.1989, he installed his work in front of a large Christmas tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

What does the Charging Bull statue represent?

As we all know, bull and bear markets can be considered the unofficial mascots of the stock market. A bull market, which also represents a rising stock market and a booming economy, is bottom-up. The bear represents falling prices and market crashes (stock market crashes) as it attacks from top to bottom with its claws. It is a symbol of a market downturn that drives investors away.
Also known as the "Charging Bull", the bull statue has an aggressive stance, right foot forward, nostrils open, head down. The animal is indeed in an aggressive pose, representing optimism and the rise of financial markets.

Is charging bull a Lucky Sculpture?

There is a legend that touching the charging bull balls (testicles) will bring good luck, happiness, prosperity, and wealth. This may be the reason why many tourists come to take photos with the charging bull every day. The Wall Street Bull has slowly become one of New York's most popular landmarks.
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Where is wall street bull?

This wall street the bull sculpture is located in Manhattan's Financial District at Bowling Green Park. We can get there by bus or subway. There's a lot more to see in the Financial District. To make sure you don't miss anything in this area, we recommend a walking tour.
"The following is the production knowledge about wall street bull. If you are interested in it, please continue to read it for 5 minutes"
The bronze bull statue weighs 7,100 pounds (3,200 kg) and is about 16 feet (4.9 m) long, and 11 feet (3.4 m) high. Using bronze to make charging bull will last longer.
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Step 1: Artwork Inspiration:

Every bronze sculpture begins with inspiration and design in our hearts. We all know the purpose and meaning of making a sculpture

Step 2: Design Drawings

The design of the sculpture is first to design drawings for the overall conception of the sculpture and then cast the bronze sculpture according to the pattern.

Step 3: Make Mud Model & 3D Print Resin Model

1). Make a rough model out of the mud for us to shape. If there are any problems, we can make changes to the clay. 2). 3D printing models, create 3D models according to the ideas of creative inspiration and design drawings. The photosensitive resin model is then 3D printed on the machine.

Step 4: Mold Reversal

There are two types of mold: one is made of plaster (easy). One made of silicone (complex)

Step 5: Wax Fill

Pour the melted paraffin into a plaster or silicone mold that has already been made. After the paraffin has cooled, the mold is opened, and a waxy workpiece is formed, also known as "wax-type filling".

Step 6: Shelling

For small or complex sculptures, we should use precision casting, wrap the prepared wax mold with fine quartz sand layer by layer, and then fire the paraffin in the shell at high temperatures.

Step 7: Casting

After the shell is finished, the copper rods or ingots are turned into copper water at high temperatures and then poured into the finished shell or sandbox. After the copper water has cooled, open the shell and we can see a rough bronze sculpture.

Step 8: Polishing

Fine grinding and polishing of rough brass sculptures.

Step 9: Splicing cast bronze sculpture

Weld the polished copper sculpture blocks together and we will see a finished piece of bronze statue take shape.

Step 10: Clean the Welds

We began to clean the welded joints and polished the welded parts of the spliced bronze sculptures to make them smooth.

Step 11: Surface Coloring

According to demand, we can dye and painting the bronze sculpture.

Step 12: Oiling, Sealing Wax

Oiling and sealing wax keeps the cast bronze sculptures up to date

Step 13: Installation

Transport the bull sculpture to the designated location by means of transportation, and weld the four legs of the charging bull firmly.

How Long Dose wall street bull statue Last?

SevenTreeSculpture believes that regular dusting and replacement of patina makes it last for hundreds or even thousands of years. Charging Bull can be waxed every two years or so. Even if the patina changes more than expected, it can be artificially replaced without damaging the sculpture.

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