12 Steps know - how to make a bronze sculpture? (2021)

Step 1 Collecting Materials

step 1: collecting materials

The first step in the production of bronze sculpture is to collect the material, find the picture of the position of the work, and then do the 1:1 mud, to provide a solid foundation for the stereotype, the stereotype clay sculpture reference scale is enlarged and then modified, until the work and the reference material After the same, the mold is re-formed.

Step 2: Design drawings

The design of the sculpture is first of all to design the drawings for the overall conception of the sculpture and then cast the bronze sculpture according to the pattern.

Step 2 Design Drawings
Step 3 Make A Mud Draft

Step 3: Make A Mud Draft

Then, we will make a rough model of the designed pattern with the mud draft, which is convenient for us to shape. If there is anything wrong, we can change it on the clay.

step 4: mold reversal

There are two types of molds: one that is made of gypsum if it is not too complicated. The other is complicated and it is made with silicone. The remanufacturing mold is determined according to the complexity of the work. The simpler works can be cast by gypsum, and the more complicated ones must be made of silicone.

Step 4 Mold Reversal
Step 5 Wax Filling

Step 5: Wax filling

After the mold is finished, the melted paraffin is poured into the already-made plaster mold or silica gel mold. After the paraffin is cooled and the mold is opened, the wax-shaped work is formed. In this step, we call it “wax-type filling”.

Step 6: Shelling

The next step is to “shell”. There are two ways to make the shell. For small pieces or complex ones, we should use precision casting. The so-called precision production is to wrap the made wax pattern with fine quartz sand layer by layer, and then Then use high temperature to burn the paraffin inside the shell. The other is the production of resin sandboxes, which are generally suitable for simple, flat relief, large copper coins, the back of bronze Buddha statues, and so on.

Step 6 Shelling
Step 7 Casting

Step 7: Casting

After the shell is finished, it will be in the casting process. At the high temperature, the copper rod or copper ingot will be turned into copper water and then poured into the finished shell or the sandbox. After the copper water is cooled, the shell is opened, the sharp mouth is polished, and then the bronze sculptures have been polished together, and a rough bronze sculpture can be seen.

Step 8: Polishing

It is relatively simple to clean the mouth.

Step 8 Polishing
Step 9 Splicing Cast Bronze Sculpture

Step 9: Splicing cast bronze sculpture

Put the polished bronzes together and become a complete whole. After this step is completed, we can see that our bronze sculpture is roughly the same.

Step 10: Clean the weld

Next, we began to clean the welding joints, and the welded parts of the spliced, copper sculptures were treated like mud.

Step 10 Clean The Weld
Step 11 Surface Coloring

Step 11: Surface coloring

Then the surface coloring, bronze coloring is to be determined according to customer requirements, mainly because the bronze sculpture is reflected in what period if it is ancient, it is suitable for bronze, modern is suitable for bronze, of course, modern is a lot. Cast bronze sculptures, some with gold, gold, and painted.

step 12: oiling, sealing wax

After the coloring is finished, it is the last process of oiling and sealing wax. Oiling and sealing wax can keep our cast bronze sculptures up to date. After so many steps, a piece of bronze sculpture is finished.

Step 12 Oiling, Sealing Wax
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