Wire Fairy Sculpture

Home Garden, Public Park, Office Building, Shopping MallĀ 

wire fairy sculpture for sale

Wire fairy sculptures, wire fairy bodies consist of multi-gauge wires wrapped around slender, strong limbs that are vibrant and lifelike. She danced in the wind, accompanied by dandelions, fetched water on the lake, and played in the garden. Every work, every movement, is so captivating.


Through the combination of aesthetics and mechanics, the artist gives the fairy a new image and adds beautiful colors to the outdoor landscape.


Fairy Dandelion Sculpture is perfect for home garden, public park, office building, shopping mall. SevenTreeSculpture can be customized in any size and color Fairy And Dandelion Sculpture.

wire fairy sculpture 2
wire fairy sculpture 3
wire fairy sculpture 5
wire fairy sculpture 4
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